More Cakes....

Hmm! I'm really bad! I forgot to upload the cakes photo and forgot to transfer the photo from my DC to my laptop till my kids play with it and delete almost all the photo... :( my bad! Only these pics are save in my's alright then! and some of the photo I taken from my friend's FB....

Last Week Order....

Thanks a lot to make order from me...Please order again ya... :D

Anniversary cake from Salwa...

Birthday cake for Princess Azalea....

And...I like this cake! It's give me a challenge to make it like real like Thomas the train....thanks a lot Linda.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake....
This is ordered from Najwa for her 6th anniversary....

Dora and Car Cake

Thanks a lot to my friends who make this order.

Car cakes...ordered from Sheri

Dora cake from's hard for me to make her face look cute!

Cupcakes Class

Congratulations to all my students....they did their cupcake very well!

Thanks a lot to Has, Liz, Khadijah, Nozie and Su

Cheese Cake Time....

Last week ordered, from my return customer accept the heart shape chocolate moist cake. Alhamdulillah they really love it.

Strawberry bake cheesecake (homemade strawberry jem)

Chocolate mud cake

Chocolate Bake Cheese cake

Moist Chocolate cake

Teenagers cupcakes class

This class is requested by their mums. At least there is something for them to do during the weekend. They are so happening and I believe one of them will be like me one day....

My students with their cakes....

In this class I have to teach them how to bake cupcake

Mmmm...yummy ya! while they practice they still have a time to have some of my cream :D

yes Sara! I know you like to act in front of camera. Do you know she actually concentrate on covering the cupcake and suddenly she smiling when she know I want to snap her picture!

Ok! the proud lady with her cupcakes :D

Sara also proud with her cupcakes...

Thanks to all of you. See you next month ya!

3D Car Cake Personal Class

This special cake Nina made special for her only son Aniq.

Here is the cake made by Nina.... :D Congrats Nina, your son must be proud of you....

Cupcakes and layer cake

Thanks to Kak Reena for ordering this cupcakes special for her husband birthday. There is golf, fishing, cricket, badminton, football, engineer hat, laptop and of course the special wished from her kids.

And this cake ordered from Muna for her family....Thanks ya....

Purple cakes

Hahahah...last week is purple day I think! this is because all my customer wanted purple theme for their cakes. So it's easy for me to arrange the color, no need extra job to make another color for another cake :D

Cakes for Sikin....Happy 3rd Birthday Shafiqah..
Bratz princess cake for Kak Wawa...Happy 7th Birthday Kamalia....

Happy Mother's Day....for my mysteries shopper!

And the sakura flower cupcakes for Kak Pah....oh ya she also ordered blueberry cheese tart

Perth Golf Kakis

This is the second time I'm making this cake for them. At first, when the boss show me this logo I feel so excited to do it and tot it's easy :) but I'm totally wrong!
I spend more then 4 hours to make this logo especially at the some one who swing the golf club shadow. The special about this cake, there is two different flavor in this cake. Chocolate and vanilla. Will upload the pic later ok...

Fifi the flower tot

It's so cute to make this cake! Thanks Hanik for ordering this cake from me.....

Teacher's Morning Tea

This order is from the teacher at Al-Hidayah. They will have a monthly meeting and will have a morning tea after the meeting. Jazakallah khair for ordering from us.

Chocolate cupcakes

They ask me to make a lapis rose

and the seri muka...

Baking Classes for May

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Students with their cake

3D princess cake

Please refer to the table below for baking classes on May. If you are interested to join the class please send me an email 2 weeks before the class start. thank you.

Cars Mc Queen

Thanks for ordering this cake kak Salwa....She is my returning customer, and she said to me
"Ida stop posting a new cake! Akak will keep ordering from you!" :D

Hakim...which part do you want to eat first??? :D

True love

She asked me to bake this cake as simple as I can but... with lovely touch and I must put 3 pink roses on top of the cake! mmmm...this is the best I can do, and her husband really like this cake till she got a big hug from her other half.

Oh! I think I need to buy new digital camera since mine is outdated already :D and thanks to Mr Hubby to give some of his idea on this cake. I love u too darling....(romantic mode :D)